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Crazy times require crazy measures! Due to the extraordinary circumstances I am making a special offer to combine  my practical coaching skills with energetic healing and personal support.

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My name is Silke Maria Haas (D.O, N.D, CST, Heilpraktikerin), I am an international Coach and a healer. For the last 25 years, my professional training as an Osteopath (D.O), Naturopath (N.D), Craniosacral therapist (CST) and Heilpraktiker has enabled me to help people of all ages, including many children and families with problems regarding their health and personal lives.

My sincere desire for humankind is -not only to reduce pain and suffering in the world-, but also to empower people to help themselves. So combining my therapeutic knowledge  with self-help and empowerment tools, I studied and applied over many years, I created a unique system of Energetic Coaching for Health and joy. This system combines elements of Kinesiology, Psychology, energetic therapies, Shamanic Healing and Access Consciousness into  a unique transformation method.

< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">What is Energetic Coaching?

Energetic Coaching is a unique system of self-help and empowerment, designed to deal with any challenges in life also known as problems.

These problems can concern the person’s physical health,  mento-emotional state, relationships, professional or creative projects, finances or spiritual endeavours. It is essentially a method of increasing awareness and   learning to tune in with one’s own inner truth to transform any blockages, that are preventing us from leading from a healthy, happy, creative and abundant life. 

Energetic coaching can be applied by anyone-, curious enough to ask a question and willing enough to change their perspective on an issue that is causing trouble or stagnation in their life.

By learning to remove non-useful beliefs, attitudes and concepts in the course of this change, new possibilities can be created in alignment with the persons inherent wholeness and inner wisdom.

Energetic Coaching primarily comprises facilitating the removal of blockages, teaching and supervising the application of techniques and offering therapeutic intervention if necessary.

Its offers individuals and groups a powerful way to heal and empower their life, creating more Joy, Grace and Ease for themselves and a better world.

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< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">I have always considered myself a seeker of truth of some sort...

Ever since I was small, I remember looking for some deeper meaning to life and its circumstances. Whether or not this was due to separation in early childhood and my parents’ divorce when I was ten, I got interested in philosophy and psychology in my late teens and shortly after my A-levels took the opportunity to travel to India. The experiences there deeply impacted my life and inspired my spiritual search. On one occasion, while meditating on a holy mountain in the South of India, I experienced a deep state of Bliss, which stayed with me for 3 days.


< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">Modalities I am working with


is a form of manual medicine used to treat restrictions in the physical body, which often cause pain and dis-ease. When coming to an Osteopath the first time, a detailed medical history is taken, followed by a physical examination. Based on the subsequent working diagnosis, a treatment plan is suggested...


Craniosacral therapy

includes the treatment of the bony skull (Cranium) and the sacrum (triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine), which form the 2 poles of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) surrounded by membranes (Meninges).Within this system fluctuates the cerebrospinal fluid, the pulsation...



Naturopathy uses the resources of nature and natural means to restore health and find harmony taking into consideration the needs, resources and personal motivation of the individual.
It seeks to find a balance between movement and relaxation, healthy diet, adjustment of life habits and...



is a way of using the body's own feedback mechanisms to detect and treat blockages and disturbances. In the kinesiological muscle test, the person is asked to resist with a body part (most commonly the arm) against the pressure of the practitioner and the resulting soft or hard muscle response interpreted...



Positive Psychology focusses on the strengths and resources of the individual, such as personal values, faith and forgiveness. It focusses on finding solutions and offering practical help. In a process-oriented approach, the key to a solution lies within the disturbance itself. Hence, exploring the energy of a symptom...


Energetic therapies

Energetic therapies tap into the universal intelligent energy to correct and balance blockages in the energy field of the individual. Non useful interferences can be removed to allow the full expression of every individual on all levels. The healing system of Matrix Energetics is based on the theory of Quantum physics and works by...


Shamanic Healing

is based on an ancient Hawaiian method to solve personal problems and conflicts between people and using the power of forgiveness. One of its most famous representatives is Dr Hew Ikehale Len, cured a whole department of mentally disturbed criminals, by accepting their actions in himself and transcending them to...


Bemer vascular therapy

Bemer Vascular therapy is a medical product ,that activates the microcirculation in the body. Microcirculation fulfils a very crucial function in the human circulation.


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