About Me


Crazy Healing about I have always considered myself a seeker of truth of some sort…

Ever since I was small, I remember looking for some deeper meaning to life and its circumstances.

Whether or not this was due to separation in early childhood and my parents’ divorce when I was ten, I became interested in philosophy and psychology in my late teens and shortly after my A-levels took the opportunity to travel to India. The experiences there deeply impacted my life and inspired my spiritual search. On one occasion, while meditating on a holy mountain in the south of India, I experienced a deep state of bliss, which stayed with me for three days.

I felt an incredible love for the whole world and its beings….

and felt a deep desire to transmit this  to the world. I subsequently trained as a Yoga teacher and on my return to Germany started studying Eastern philosophy and languages.  Needing more medical background for teaching Yoga, I  moved to London in 1990 to study  Osteopathy and Naturopathy full time for four years.

Due to my innate sensitivity, I was naturally drawn to the more subtle ways of helping people.

I deepened my studies with bio-dynamic cranio-sacral therapy and started working with babies and children.

Giving birth to my daughter at home in 1997 was a powerful and life transforming experience for me.

Preferring to raise our child in a  good environment, we moved to Mallorca (Spain) in 1998, where I again, where I reopened a clinic, while continuing to teach internationally. Over the years, I carried on studying and developing my skills, adding diffrent treatment modalities such as Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic Healing, Process Psychology and Access Consciousness.

Having been through a fair number of ups and downs in my own life, including divorce, single parenthood, abortion, relationship betrayals and financial difficulties, I  also applied these tools to my personal life. Eventually, these elements came together and created a unique system of Energetic Coaching to help people heal and empower their life.

It gives me great joy to share my love for the world and its beings as well as my knowledge and life experience and assist people in healing themselves and empowering their lives.