is a form of manual medicine used to treat restrictions in the physical body, which often cause pain and dis-ease. During a first visit to an Osteopath the first time, a detailed medical history is taken, followed by a physical examination. Based on the subsequent working diagnosis, a treatment plan is suggested, to correct imbalances and align the body in structure and function. The aim is to improve circulation and enhance the inherent self-healing capacity of the organism to relieve pain, improve general wellbeing, optimise performance and prevent disease.

Osteopaths always treat the whole body, which includes the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and inner organs as well as the head. Manual techniques can either be applied directly (mobilisation, gentle manipulation, fascial or soft tissue techniques) or indirectly (as in functional or craniosacral release).

Craniosacral therapy

includes the treatment of the bony skull (cranium) and the sacrum (triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine), which form the two poles of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) surrounded by membranes (meninges). The cerebrospinal fluid flows within this system, transmitting pulsations throughout the whole body.

Craniosacral movement can be detected by sensitive hands, which support the body in correcting imbalances and releasing tension in a gentle, yet powerful way. This treatment is suitable for all ages and particularly useful for babies and children, during pregnancy, after birth and during convalescence.


Naturopathy uses the resources of nature and natural means to restore health and find harmony taking into consideration the needs, resources and personal motivation of the individual. It seeks to find a balance between movement and relaxation, healthy diet, adjustment of life habits and stress management.

 Measures include:

Therapeutic exercises and relaxation, nutritional advice, detoxification and intestinal rehabilitation, hydrotherapy (therapeutic use of water) phyto therapy (plant remedies) homeopathy, Schussler salts, Bach flowers, psychological counselling and Stress management.


is a way of using the body’s own feedback mechanisms to detect and treat blockages and disturbances.  In the kinesiological muscle test, the person is asked to resist with a body part (most commonly the arm) against the pressure of the practitioner and the resulting soft or hard muscle response interpreted in relation to the questions posed. This can also be done via a surrogate. Testing for the cause of a problem as well as the possibilities of treatment is a direct way of accessing the innate intelligences of the body and can be used in many ways. A very particular form Kinesiology releases so-called “knots” in the subconscious nervous system which can directly correspond to tension at a physical, emotional and mental level. Releasing these knots through powerful verbal phrases can almost instantly improve wellbeing.

“I suffered from chronic back pain and any previous treatment provided only short term relief. Silke found a stress-related issue with my jaw and, despite my doubts regarding her unusual approach my pain disappeared immediately and never returned. Thank you”

Maria B.


Positive Psychology focusses on the strengths and resources of the individual, such as personal values, faith and forgiveness. It focusses on finding solutions and offering practical help. In a process-oriented approach, the key to a solution lies within the disorder itself. Hence,- exploring the energy of a symptom, such as  pain or a relationship issue, and working with resistances around it, can allow the problem to integrate and disappear. This can help individuals, couples, families or groups to deal with challenges and find creative solutions.

“My 8-year-old son had a persistent shoulder ache, which would not respond to physical therapy. Taking him through a process work exercise he discovered a somatised energy to do with a bullying experience at school and the strength to defend himself. His pain disappeared and his self-esteem improved.

Teresa M.

Energetic therapies

Energetic therapies tap into the universal intelligent energy to correct and balance blockages in the energy field of the individual. Non-useful interferences can be removed to allow the full expression of every individual on all levels. The healing system of Matrix Energetics is based on the theory of quantum physics and works by creating an energetic focus, which affects the quantum particles of matter and thereby influence reality.

The practical application of this technique can create a notable energy wave, which can be experienced as heat, tingling, laughter, tears or relaxation. Muscles can relax to such an extent-, that the body follows the force of gravity and needs to be supported. As a self-help method it is easy to learn and apply. Matrix Energetics can be practiced individually as well as in groups. One can choose to focus on any area of life: health, relationships, professional vocation, living environment, personal or global issues.

Shamanic Healing

is based on an ancient Hawaiian method of solving personal problems and conflicts between people using the power of forgiveness. One of its most famous representatives is Dr Hew Ikehale Len, who cured a whole department of mentally disturbed criminals, by accepting their actions in himself and transcending them to the Divine. He thereby took full responsibility for the existence of those people in his life. His example has since inspired many people to take responsibility for their personal conflicts and heal them using the Ho opono pono method. Applied as an energetic therapy a trained practitioner can channel information regarding a chosen issue, and subsequently the measures for its resolution. Issues may concern a persistent health problem, relationship or family issues, buying or selling a house, business or professional projects or economic difficulties.

“For a long time I suffered from sleeing problems in our familiy estate. After Silke cleared the energetic disturbences, not only did we all sleep better, also our family relations improved.”

Anna v.E.

Bemer vascular therapy

Bemer® vascular therapy is a medical product ,that activates the microcirculation in the body. Microcirculation fulfils a  crucial function in the human circulation. This takes place in the fine and highly complex network of small and minute blood vessels, the so-called micro-vessels.

The microcirculation comprises 74% of the entire circulation, performing vital transport and supply tasks. It supplies the 80 to 100 billion cells in our body with oxygen and nutrients and is an important transport route of disposing metabolic waste products. Restricted microcirculation can cause or facilitate many kinds of disorder and illnesses. It is more astonishing that so far, no effective treatment has been available to improve restricted microcirculation.