Crazy Healing

< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">Crazy Healing In 12 Steps

Are you experiencing stress, tension or difficulties and are you wishing to create more lightness and joy in your present life?

This is a powerful step-by-step course to help you achieve more lightness and joy in your present life.
By implementing the tools and strategies that I have successfully used in private coaching session you can transform stress, tension and other challenges in your life.


Crazy Healing

< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">Karmic Knots - Release your subconscious blockages

Do you suffer from pain, tension, stress, emotional issues or lack of mental clarity?
And would you like to make your life a lot easier?

The technique of testing and clearing “Karmic Knots” has been developed by Dr. Alfred Schneider after over 20 years of research. He assumes that a primordial blockage of our energy flow is always responsible for our issues.
In this course I have put together a very powerful methodology based on Dr. Alfred Schneiders teachings, which you can do by yourself to clear away blockages in your subconscious mind.

Crazy Healing

< class="aux-modern-heading-secondary">Transformation Points

Release subconscious tension for yourself and others.
Learn to ground, establish respectful contact and find specific points on skull and body to clear blockages and tensions: physical, mental, emotional etc.

This course offers a preparation phase, detailed explanation and a practical demonstration on how to apply the Transformation Points for yourself and others. You will receive access to a member area with 19 detailed video lessons.

Each video is between 5-20 minutes long (total duration: 2,5 h) and addresses another topic.
This course will guide you step-by-step so that you can apply the technique right away.

60 day money back guarantee.

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