Energetic Coaching

Facilitating change with grace and ease

Many people suffer, because they find themselves in situations in their lives, to which their rational mind cannot find a solution. Giving advice  is often not enough for these people, since the problem itself is beyond rationality. Hence, I call it  a crazy situation. Much suffering is therefore  caused by the struggle to stay sane in this crazy situation. Crazy issues can concern physical problems, such as pain or illness (crazy bodies), relationship difficulties (crazy relationships), family conflicts or parenting issues (crazy families), professional challenges or economic struggles (crazy abundant and successful).

My unique coaching system uses energetic principles to help you overcome these obstacles and manage any life situation gracefully and easily. 

The craziness of the situation, or the problem, hereby acts as a transformation point for this  change.

Increasing awareness and changing perspective on  the above issues can enable you  to find your own solution and create new possibilities in your life in accordance with natural laws.

In this process the physical body, the breath and the  creative mind are trained to become powerful tools . By learning to tune in with your own inherent intelligences,  you can learn to heal and empower their life and reclaim your inherent Wholeness.

I have named this system Crazy Healing, since the term crazy implies that change of perspective beyond the rational mind. Crazy also means  extremely intense, such as in crazy happy and healthy.

Learning to increase awareness and change perspective on an existing problem or challenge in order to stay sane in any crazy situation can  enable you  to  become crazy happy and healthy, independant of your life situation.

Welcome to Crazy Healing!

What people say

I was totally impressed with the intensity of the experience and the enormous knowledge Silke shared with us.
Before the workshop I had suffered from depression for a long tome and and was extremely unhappy. After the course and applying Silkes’ energetic coaching tools in my life, I regained my happiness and joy in life. I have no words to express the enourmous gratitude and humility I feel!

Kerstin Retze

Crazy happy and healthy:

Facilitating change with grace and ease:
An introduction to energetic coaching for health and joy

Discover the basic tools of energetic coaching to heal and empower your life

Explore  to apply them in all areas of your life

Learn to ask powerful questions, overcome obstacles and deal with problems gracefully and easily

Decide to live from choice rather than from conditioning


You will learn to

program your body as a tool (kinesiology)

expand your awareness to tap into the quantum field of possibilities

overcome judgements, limiting beliefs and programs from your conditioned mind

direct energy flows to achieve your goals gracefully and easily

develop your individual coaching plan to cultivate health and joy in your life


Stay sane in a crazy world and become crazy happy and healthy!


Crazy relationships:

Be happy with and without a partner

Become your own better half, relate better and decide to be happy, no matter what…


Grow  beyond neediness and control games in any relationship

Cultivate your inner and outer qualities to attract the people you want in your life

You will learn to

  • evaluate and grow your existing relationships
  • nourish yourself and others using energy flows
  • overcome negative relationship habits 
  • learn valuable communication skills to nurture and maintain your bonds
  • nurture and comfort your inner child and relate from an adult perspective
  • transform limiting beliefs and conditioning to create the relationships you choose
  • practice real forgiveness to have a radiant, healthy and true relationship with yourself as well as with others

Fulfill your true needs and create fulfilling and successful relationships in all areas of life!

Crazy bodies:

Mind your body, embody your mind !

Become your own best friend and  make an unbeatable team together with your body…

Improve your health and wellbeing on all levels,

have more fun and become more efficient

Never again struggle with weight issues, diet and exercise routines!

You will learn to

  • ask powerful questions to enhance communication with your body
  • use your body as a powerful tool for decision making and gaining clarity
  • strengthen your individual frequency and remove external interferences and auto-sabotage programs
  • transform limiting beliefs and programs regarding your body and health to totally at ease with yourself
  • find and use transformation points to heal and empower your life!
Stop struggling
Have more fun 
Become more efficient in all areas of your life !

Crazy families:

A better You, a better parent

Have more fun with your children,
Help to bring out their inborn genius 
Grow together with them …

Develop conscious parenting skills to deal with the challenges of modern parenthood

Learn to provide the warm nest for your children to grow strong wings

You will learn to
  • deal with role related guilt, anxiety and shame
  • create safety by providing clear boundaries
  • understand and manage age related challenges
  • avoid and cope with behavioural problems
  • nourish yourself as well as your children
  • help your children to become strong and independent individuals while preserving their inborn sensitivity
  • let your children become your role models for forgiveness, self love and living without judgments


It is never too late for a happy childhood !


Crazy abundance:

Creating and cultivating true wealth and success !

Manifesting  your true abundant nature
Finding and fulfilling your goals…


Develop the qualities to achieve, whatever you want in life with joy, grace and ease!


You will learn to
  • understand yourself in relation to money and wealth

  • overcome limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving what you want

  • manage money in a unique way to attract more of it

  • tap into the energy of infinite possibilities to manifest your goals and fulfill your dreams

  • discover the secrets of success

  • apply proven wealth strategies
  • design your individual success program to live the life you choose!

Claim your birthright to be happy, healthy and abundant!

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