The power of manifestation, non-attachment and faith

Have you ever unconsciously desired something and did not know it, until it manifested in front of your very eyes?

Wishes do come true and we do get, what we ask for, even when we consciously do know what we wish for…

This was certainly the case, when I moved from my house into a small apartment in order to simplify my life. My daughter was studying abroad, and my beloved dog had died 2 years earlier after 17 years of loving companionship. Being a person, who loves company, but takes commitment seriously, I certainly did not want to take on the responsibility of another Being, especially not knowing, where I would live in a years’ time.

While out, buying tools for the builder, I saw a doormat on sale, which said “welcome” in Spanish. I thought: “What a nice detail for new visitors!” and without further looking at it, put into my shopping cart for my front door.

A day later, a new “visitor” welcomed me, and it was exactly the one, I had unconsciously asked for, namely depicted on the doormat: a black cat! He was confident, affectionate and playful and always eager to be fed. Yet, he had at least 2 or three neighbouring houses to get fed, so it was not a problem, if I was not there… So here I got, what I had unconsciously asked for in a way, I could have never imagined it.

How could it get any better than that?

However, as we got used to each other and more and more affectionate, I found myself thinking worrying, how to carry on with our friendship, when moving away. I do not know, if this unconsciously had an effect or it is just the way life comes and goes. Shortly after -while travelling- I was informed, that he was unwell, and he died before anybody was able to take him to the vet.

Like all others, that I have loved in my life, he will remain in my heart with gratitude for the time we shared together.

What does the universe have in stock next?

Faith is trusting the Unknowing
to know best
accepting the unchangeable
changing the possible.
Learning to differentiate
between one and another
and being open
for life’s next surprise



The ultimate choice for those, who feel they have no choice…

Recently, a man, who lived in my village was found dead..He had been missing for a few days and had killed himself, lighting a charcoal fire inside his van, which made him fall asleep and die within minutes.

When I heard this, everything stopped…

It was, as if the world -for that instance- stopped turning and nothing, absolutely nothing mattered ….

My memory flashed back to the age of 12, when I discovered a man, who had hung himself in the forest and convinced myself, it was a puppet, until I got home and found help. It simply was not real, until I could realise it…

Now, many years later, this instance of shock and the sudden awareness of death out of choice, transcended space and time and gave way to a sensation of emptiness, in which nothing was real.

Was this real? What is reality?

Reality at that moment was that nothingness, in which neither good nor bad, right or wrong existed, nothing, but awareness…

Within that state of shock, there was a sensation of bliss and liberation

What if reality is nothing, but a point of view, seen from the perspective of eternity?

The moment passed quickly. Subsequently, a cascade of feelings, thoughts and judgements set in: Consternation, sadness, anger, helplessness, empathy for those, who were close to him and affected most.

How desperate must he have been, to choose death before his own life?

How many choices had he refused before that, to make himself the victim of one’s own life?

How much can a person lock themselves up inside, to be unable to ask for help?

How could he care so little, to not consider the consequences for others?

Questions after questions…

As human, we are the only species, that makes a choice over their own life.

However, death as the ultimate choice, for somebody, who felt he had no choice, puts life into perspective for those, who choose to live.

Death is the ultimate reality for our physical existence.

So, while we choose to be alive, what choices do we make?

How do we choose to live every day?

What really matters to us?

How can we BE today, to contribute to the world and the people around us?

What future do we want to create for ourselves and everybody else?

This man made a choice. Those, left behind, can only accept this.

If we are not to judge his choice, how can this acceptance contribute to our life?

How could the awareness of death and life as a conscious choice put our life into perspective?

What do you choose today?

How can we consider our life every day, a joyful option and be grateful for everything we have?

I wish you a beautiful day….

If you are prepared to die, you will live the rest of your life.
If you are not prepared to die, you will die the rest of your life.